IMR International

About Us

Dennis Seisun has worked in England, France, Belgium, and since 1980, has been based in San Diego, California. He graduated from Bath University in England with a bachelor of science degree in engineering and a master of science degree in industrial marketing. He worked as an engineer for Foster Wheeler, as a consultant for C.H. Kline S.A. in Brussels, and for Kelco (then a division of Merck) as commercial development product manager. In 1985, Dennis founded IMR International and has since focused his attentions on the food hydrocolloid markets of the U.S., E.U., China, India, and many other parts of the world. The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids was launched in 1991. It has since, become established as a comprehensive and independent source of information on the food hydrocolloid market. In addition IMR has chaired the International Conference on Food Hydrocolloids since 1995 alternating between the USA and Europe.

Nesha Zalesny has over 20 years of technical experience in the food industry starting with 12 years at CP Kelco in R&D and Technical Service. She developed formulations and prototypes for everything from baked goods and dairy applications to salad dressings and sauces. She developed consumer products at Javo Beverage as Director of New Product Development and did technical sales and service at Fiberstar, working on a wide variety of clean label applications. Ms. Zalesny joined IMR in 2019, where she offers technical and business insights, hydrocolloid training and test development, product development consultation and ingredient resourcing. Ms. Zalesny has a BSc. in Food Science from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Cal State San Marcos.

The Activities of IMR International include:

  • The Quarterly review of Food Hydrocolloids  Since-1991

  • Agar, alginates, gum arabic, carrageenan, cassia, cellulosics (CMC, MCC, MC/HPMC), gelatin, gellan, guar, konjac, locust bean gum, pectin, starch, tara gum, xanthan. Subscribe here.

  • Annual Food Hydrocolloid Conference Since-1995

  • Our annual gathering of who's who in hydrocolloids alternates between Europe and the U.S. Suppliers, users, regulatory authorities, investors, and consultants meet to discuss where we are, where we are going, and how we get there in hydrocolloids. Conference locations include Miami, Malta, Valencia, Berlin, Lisbon, San Diego, Washington, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona, San Francisco, Charleston, and Edinburgh.

  • Food Hydrocolloid Seminars

  • IMR International offers seminars on food hydrocolloids. Our basic seminar covers business aspects of the industry and can be customized to client-specific needs and tailored to fit in two hours, half a day or a full day. If technological information is desired, IMR is in close contact with several world-class, independent technologists who can take part.

  • Career Placement Services

  • We provide matchmaking, not headhunting. After some 30 years in hydrocolloids, IMR has a roster of people and positions in hydrocolloids which are matched periodically.

Miscellaneous Services

  • Supply Sources for Hydrocolloids

  • Thickening, gelling, suspending, emulsifying, global sources. Strengths, weaknesses and primary contacts.

  • Matching Investors with Hydrocolloid Investments

  • Investment bankers, corporate acquisitions, mergers, all make use of IMR's in-depth and focused market data in arriving at go/no-go decisions.

  • Single Client Research

  • Customized studies on all aspects of hydrocolloids and some other food ingredients have been conducted. Proposals outlining content, methodology, and cost are submitted for approval by client. Hydrocolloids are specialty additives and not commodities.