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"Bridging the Texture Gap in Future Foods"


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Theme: “Bridging the Texture Gap in Future Food”

There is little question that the very nature of food has been in transition for some years. The rate of change will probably accelerate as social, environmental and economic pressures drive the need to extract more from the existing food supply. The mantra of "Health, Wellness and Nutrition" has been adopted by most, if not all, global food companies. The on-going plant based revolution is only one phase of future changes in food formulation and delivery. A constant in all these changes, however, is TEXTURE. Hydrocolloid suppliers will face challenges and opportunities. Plan to join the conference and share your insight as you absorb the insights of fellow "Hydrocolleagues".

San Francisco is the hotbed of "Disruptor Technologies".

The conference WOULD HAVE been held at the world renowned and prestigious Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco.